A Month Before Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You With These 8 Signs

5. Abdominal pain You might think it has something to do with what you ate. The pains come and go. Sometimes you feel full or bloated with frequent stomach upsets. Don’t change your diet or start eating less, these signs might be pointing to a heart attack on the way.

4. Insomnia Can’t sleep? Feeling anxious or just absent-minded? If you find it hard to initiate sleep, it might mean a few things, the most notable being that you might be at risk of a heart attack. So don’t start taking sleeping pills, go for medical screening.

3. Shortness of breath The medics fondly call this Dyspnea. It is a scary condition where you find it hard to breathe in naturally. Breathing difficulties can start manifesting 6 months before a heart attack in both men and women. This is often accompanied by dizziness.


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