A Month Before Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You With These 8 Signs

Signs of a Heart Attack
Did you know that more than 700,000 people suffer from heart attacks every year? No wonder the American Heart and Stroke Association categorizes heart disease as causing the most deaths globally.

Cardiovascular diseases are hard to tell from the plethora of other conditions showing the same symptoms if you are not vigilant.

Vigilance begins with clearly understanding what a heart attack is.

What is a heart attack?  life insurance quotes This is a condition that results when a coronary artery is blocked by blood clotting leading to an insufficient blood supply. The discrepancy in blood supply causes some parts of the heart muscle to die or malfunction, causing a heart attack. When the heart, which is literally the engine of the body, malfunctions due to damage to its tissues (myocardial infarction) it can lead to irreversible consequences when not attended to urgently.


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